"I Told You There Were Fairies, Connor!" Process

I enjoyed making this painting so much, that I've wanted to share some of my process with you!

Though I haven't taken formal painting or drawing classes, I've always been super entranced by painting step-by steps that other artists had put together. Figuring out where to go next is the hardest part in creating a work of art. It's a bit like playing chess.

It all started with a trip to Boulder, Co. While wondering in the neighborhood at the feet of the Flat Irons, I noticed a boulder in someone's yard, where someone placed a lantern. Seemed like a perfect place for fairies to live. 

Later that night, I sketched "The Town of Troll's Back" which would serve as the inspiration for "I Told You....". 

And blissfully I started sketching it for a large piece.....and it just wasn't going where I wanted it to go. That's OK! It's much better to restart sometimes, than keep mucking away and getting more and more frustrated. Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air. 

So I restarted using the original idea as a lose inspiration. But now I wanted a party. More specifically a kind of woodland craic. 

Sometimes with watercolor, you're still able to see the graphite pencil underneath the paint. Here, I wanted to try something new. A Light Peach Col-Erase was used to outline the major shapes and creatures and give a little warmth to the edges. I honestly just wanted to leave it at this stage :)

First wash of color is always nerve-wrecking! It always either makes or breaks a painting.Though I normally don't use salt, I wanted to use a little sprinkle to give the stars a little randomness

A little definition in the background

A face! Painting faces in watercolor is always a bit of a challenge. Lay it wrong, and there's no going back. 

I've always wanted red hair. 

Some guests are coming to enjoy the music. 

Finally getting to the troll. 

A little detailing, and next would be uniting the elements. Then...

Final! Hope this was fun and informative. If you have any questions or feel stuck, shoot me an email and I'll answer as best as possible. 

I'm off to join a party in the woods! 

Mariya PrytulaComment